Xanax For Panic Attacks

Xanax For Panic Attacks

In this article I want to talk about Xanax. Why it's addictive and why can cause him more anxiety?

Let's imaging you are starting to feel a bit panicky and you want to ward off those feelings. Or you're in the midst of a panic attack and you decide to have a Xanax.

You've popped that pill and around 20 to 40 minutes time you start to feel a little bit more relaxed. The problem Xanax has a bounce-back effect meaning, although it makes you calm, it actually can cause a lot of anxiety as well.

Xanax makes you relax by helping create or release GABA to the brain. The problem with Xanax is it actually has a very very short half-life, which is around 12 hours. And although it gets in really quickly, in 12 hours time it's out of your system and your body's going to react to that because it doesn't know what to do.

Your body thinks:"It's gone! Oh, no! What am I gonna do?! Well, I'm gonna create anxiety, adrenaline."

And then a whole bunch of adrenaline gets released. You end up feeling more anxious. What do you do when you feel more anxious? Well, if you like most people you take another Xanax.

Now the thing is the same, thing is going to happen again. All the hours down the track you're gonna start the field bad again and pop another Xanax.

Here's the problem. In as little as a week your body can get used to this drug and the effects of the drug will no longer have that same feeling. You'll actually have to take more Xanax.

Now you're popping more and more Xanax to get that calm. The next problem you've got is that your body will get physically addicted to the drug. This can happen and as little as two weeks.

For some people being addicted to this drug emotionally and physically can lead up to taking 50 pills a day or even more. Some people shop around with different doctors to try and get a fix on this drug because the very thing that they think is causing them calm is actually causing an anxiety.

Most people don't realize this, even psychiatrists are not aware of this. And this can go on and on until basically, they have to enter rehab to get off the drug.

If you're taking this drug, please get off it. And if you're thinking about taking this drug, please stay away from it.

With generalized anxiety disorders, panic attacks, depression and OCD there's not one treatment that works for everyone. However, education does. It will work for everyone, you may have insights into the body and your mind. It is how I overcame my own anxiety.

I see programs being sold online, all these dodgy scams. They're not gonna solve your problems. Generally, some people may have a placebo effect, and for others, they won't do anything. There are different courses you can take on anxiety as well.

The 20 years I've been studying this throughout my own experiences with panic attacks, anxiety and depression. In the last five years, I've been panic free and haven't had depression or severe depression, what they call clinical depression for over 10 years.