Psychiatric Drugs Danger

danger of Psychiatric drugs

The subject today is psychiatric drugs are much more dangerous than you've ever been led to believe by the doctors who are prescribing them.

I genuinely believe that if most people knew how dangerous the psychiatric drugs really were, most people would never start on them. I also believe that if most prescribers had even the faintest idea how dangerous they were, they'd stop prescribing them.

How is it that so many people can be ignorant about psychiatric drugs? Well, the truth is because they're all getting their information from the drug companies. When was the last time you saw a car company leap up to tell people way in advance that they'd had some deaths on the road from their bad breaks? When was the last time a car company went Mia culpa and said: "yes, our accelerators are sticking and running people down."

The drug companies are even worse. They go to all kinds of extremes to avoid letting you know and letting your doctor know how dangerous the drugs are. I know this because I've been a medical expert in dozens of lawsuits against drug companies. I've looked at drug companies and seen what they're really doing. I was appointed by a court in Indiana to be the scientific expert for over a hundred and fifty lawsuits against Eli Lilly. Suits alleging that the drug Prozac had caused violence, suicide, mayhem, mania and psychosis.

Let me just give you a little brief outline of material you can find in the first half of my book "Psychiatric drug withdrawal". Obviously, the second half is intended to help you come off psychiatric drugs because it can be very dangerous to come off drugs.

Let's take a look at the stimulants that you may be taking as a college student or as a parent that you may be giving to your children. Follow-up studies on people who were started on stimulants as children show that they have shrinkage of brain tissue measurable on brain scans. They have reduced height and weight, They're being incarcerated more often than other people. They're going to mental hospitals more often. Their suicide rate is increased.

Every single one of these facts documented by follow-up studies of what happens to you if you get started on stimulants. One particularly well-done study shows the rate of cocaine abuse is greater when you become a young man or woman if you've been put on stimulants as a child. That's because the stimulant drugs such as Ritalin, Concerta or Adderall are so similar to cocaine in their effects.

Let's look at another group - the sedative, sleeping pills that you're taking like Ambien. We now got two or more good studies showing they shortened lifespan. You can google practically anything I'm telling you but you'll get more accurate and direct data from "Psychiatric drug withdrawal" book.

What about the benzodiazepines, the tranquillizers like Xanax and Valium? They're very addictive. People taking Xanax during control clinical trials after a mere six weeks. And a large percentage can't get off after a mere six weeks. They become addicts to Xanax - great for the drug business, great for your psychiatrist, a prescriber, who just wants to write prescriptions;

Several studies show like Xanax and Ativan are causing shrinkage of the brain too. Coming off them can be an absolute horror story. It can be harder to get off those drugs than to get off opiates. They leave people who try to come off of them with horrendous insomnia, anxiety, aches and pains in their body. Such pain in their feet that they can't stand up. And then the realization is they come off that their minds aren't working as well.

It's really time to face up just how dangerous these drugs are. We've looked at the stimulants, sleeping pills and the benzos. Now we have the antipsychotic drugs left, which are not really anti-psychotic drugs, they're just lobotomizing drugs that are being given to some people for sleep.

Abilify, Risperdal, Zyprexa - all of these drugs are very damaging to the brain. They virtually wreck a part of the brain called the basal ganglia. They cause a dreadful disorder like tardive dyskinesia. We have evidence that people who are put on a lifetime dose of these antipsychotic drugs for whatever reason have 20 years shortened lifespan.

These newer antipsychotics, so-called second generation or atypical antipsychotics, are even worse than the older ones in causing a metabolic syndrome. People get obese, get diabetes, pancreatitis, elevated cholesterol, blood pressure is off. And then since the drugs also cause heart arrhythmias and in combination with other drugs do even more cardiovascular damage.

That's one of the ways in which people are having shortened lifespan on these drugs.

We also have so-called mood stabilizers, which are just emotionally flattening drugs. Most of them were originally anti-seizure drugs.
The one we've studied for the longest time is lithium. If you stay on lithium for a lifetime like your doctor tells you to, you're at grave risk of severe mental problems in the form of memory difficulties, learning new materials, conducting your affairs.

None of these drugs is good for your brain. These drugs are producing multiple biochemical imbalances in brains. You do not have any biochemical imbalance until a physician or a prescriber puts you on the drug.
Please, don't just stop taking your drugs. Because the ultimate tragedy is that coming off of them can be catastrophic. People can get suicidal, they can get violent. You can get seizures, dropped blood pressure if you're coming off.

Get good information first. Get some good clinical supervision. Work with your family or friends. The shorter time you're on psychiatric drugs, almost certainly means that you'll have a better quality of life you