Prescription Drugs Abuse

xanax abuse

Prescription drugs can take a toll on anybody's life. One has to keep a close watch on the usage of these prescription drugs. If the usage is not keenly monitored then it won't take long when you might become physically dependent on these drugs. Most people do not understand that how powerful these prescription drugs can be. Without proper maintenance prescription drug abuse of the medicines like Xanax can quickly take control of our lives. Drug abuse changes can change a person's behaviour totally. Before the person can himself realize, his changed behavior is noticed by his family and friends. If the family members notice a change in your attitude and behaviour the chances are that they may be right.

Xanax is usually used to relieve panic and anxiety, but it has been proved that xanax which is a 'calmer' and 'relaxant' if taken for a continuous long period can increase the physical dependence of a person and can make him addictive to it.

Though it ranks low on the scale of drugs most likely to be abused (Heroin is a schedule 1 drug and Xanax is a schedule 4 drug ), the Drug Enforcement Administration has been keeping a close watch on it for years. Like other benzodiazepines, it acts on the neurotransmitter gamma-aminobutyric acid, decreasing brain activity and producing a drowsy or calming effect. "It's like being drunk, without the toxicity of alcohol," reports a helpful chat-room participant.

Recently we all had heard about the news that Noelle Bush, the daughter of the Governor of Florida Jebb Bush and the niece of George Bush (president of U.S.A) was arrested for buying Xanax illegally. She had used the name of a retired doctor and had managed to arrange a bogus prescription prescribing 40 pills of xanax. The Bush family was completely embarrassed on this matter. They could just issue a terse acknowledgement by commenting that they were "deeply saddened".

Xanax is now more and more used by the teenagers and is fitting into the class of so-called club-drugs, used by the youngsters of GEN-X in the nightclubs and discotheques. The parents should keep a close watch on the activities of their children to avoid any such drug abuse. You may not know that Xanax can make you physically dependent on it and you may go on taking at forever. It is only once when you decide to forego the drug or skip it by mistake that you can see the repercussions of the withdrawal of Xanax.

Medicines like Xanax should be taken only as a medicine and should not be seen as a way to satisfy our appetite of addiction. You should never try to stop the intake of benzodiazepine drugs like Xanax all of a sudden. Instead, you should substitute it with some another mild drug, which you can gradually decrease the dosages of and then finally stop taking it altogether. This is one of the best self-help methods if you truly wish not to become dependent on the drug. For people who have deeply become addicted, de-addiction rehabilitation centres are of much help.